Note: This takes some time, as most of the time you will only steal potions. After that he will only use regular attacks and will not change his weakness. If you still would like to stay here and read more, I won't stop you. Hint: Finding the Magicite Palidor: In the World Of Ruin, get off the island you start out on. If you do not have Doom or X-Zone, use Mog's Dusk Requiem Dance until he uses Snare. As Strago gets stronger, so does the attack power, and it will heal more. After a a short conversation, Edgar's drill, flash, and one other tool can be bought. Everytime you win, you get a Magicite. Then on her move following immediately afterwards, use Quick and Ultima again. You can continue this method with every character, easily allowing them to achieve the highest levels. Do this, and when you begin to feast again, he will ask you some questions which require you to choose from three possible answers. Note: You can kill Hovers easily without its Sand Storm attack by casting Doom unit it dies. You will have to fight a Cactuar. He is wearing a Mithril Shield and a Mithril Pike. After he is defeated, 10 esper points will be awarded. It … In the World of Ruin, after you get the airship and Locke, return to the very first island that you started from. Most of time, only a potion will be obtained, but eventually a Genji Glove will be taken. It is just pure physical damage, which many enemies in the Magitower are weak against. Catch the faster fish and you will spare his … Hint: Getting the Paladin Shield: Get the Cursed Shield from the man in the relic shop in Narshe. This trick seems to work for all characters. Answer "No" again. Hint: Best spell:The best spell is Vanish and Doom. It's as if we've bumped into something..". Set all his commands to fight. The Moogle Charm will prevent random battles. You will do this three times, and Terra will come inside and ask how anybody could depend on her. Wait a little while and Mog will break free. Do not bother picking up any of those Phantom Train Friendly Ghosts, allowing Sabin, Cyan, and/or Shadow to receive all of those experience points for those next few battles themselves. Hint: Keeping Shadow longer: Shadow will normally run away from your party immediately before you face Dadaluma in Zozo (World Of Balance) . Go into the room to the right and go down the stairs. Hint: Getting Mog earlier: To get Mog in the original world (before the events of the Floating Continent play out), complete the raid on the Magitek Research Facility and return to Terra in Zozo. The teacher will teach Sabin the Bum Rush, an extremely strong, single person attack. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | … Set Edgar to "AutoCrossbow", Banon to "Health", and the other two to "Attack". Hint: Getting: Sraphim: After the floating continent rises in the World of Balance, go to Albrook. This is useful in the fights against Atma Weapon, final form Kefka, and all other Bosses before him. If she sketches nothing but it does not miss, the game will glitch. Note: If you do not use the Noise Blaster, the Ragnarok Esper will miss Harpy most of the time. If you do not get the Tintabar after the Marvel Shoes then just keep betting the item you get until you get the Tintabar) After trading the Tintabar, you will get the Experience Egg. Talk to him. He will tell you that someone tried to sell him a glowing stone and that person is now at Tzen. Then go to the right (on the wall), then go south until the wall moves over more to the right. Hint: High number of EXP and MP per battle: Go to the desert south of Maranda in the World of Ruin and fight Cactrots and Hovers on the west "island". Hint: Alternate Air Anchor: To get a second Air Anchor, you can initiate a system of trades in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum as follows. Allow him to suck the party in to enter a cave. Why not try my Game Genie codes for Final Fantasy 3 and see if the code you're looking for is there instead! This trick is especially useful when you are fighting a Boss and are running low on HP. A "too much to count" message will appear at the bottom of the screen and Kefka will automatically die. When you cast the Doom on the person wearing the Relic Ring, it will heal your entire party to full health. Hint: Unlimited Muscle Belts:Muscle Belts will double your maximum HP. Fly there and talk to Lola. Kolts, go right into the Returners Hideout and talk to the guard standing directly in your way. A good number of the battles will be against Magic Urns that will heal you instead of hurt you. When you leave, instead of getting the gauntlet, you will receive the Genji Glove. Go to the coliseum. Have one of your party members equip the Relic Ring. At the last battle with Kefka, make sure you have Shadow in your party. Eventually a invisible creature called Intangir will be encountered. Egg should be there. Agree with him the first time to get more prizes, which a guard will give you later. Go back up the stairs you came through, then down the ones opposite of the entry room, into the Prison. It will only make things harder though the game. In the basement, go to the very bottom right. Hint: Getting Sabin's Bum Rush: Have Sabin in your party and take off in the airship in the World Of Ruin. Note: This takes some time, as most of the time you will only steal potions. Equip the Cursed Shield and a Ribbon on Locke (so the effects of the Cursed Shield are negated). You can still equip it, even If it has zero next to it. This is a good way to teach your characters Ultima, and to easily beat Kefka -- have Shadow throw the Ragnarok Sword at Kefka in the final battle. Once raised over 100%, the character will block nearly every attack except for unfocused magic attacks (for example, Ultima). Hint: Unlimited Genji Gloves: Place Locke in the party and go to the floating continent in the World Of Balance. This should be easy with the Wall Ring relic. It will be a Monster-In-A-Box. Try going to the airship and put one person in your party. Fight Intangir and use Gau's Rage. Repeat the process to get as many as needed. Chase him through the mines and you will eventually end up by the cliff near where you fought Kefka's army, and where Terra flew off. Save your state in any save slot. After he is wounded, revive him with a Life spell or Fenix Down. Select "Stop And Explore". in your party, He can use Posses. Go to Kefka's Tower in the World Of Ruin and fight a Dueller (can be found in room with glass tubes). Eventually a invisible creature called Intangir will be encountered. The Experience Egg will double the experience the wearer earns and allows for quick level ups. Glitch: Walk around dead: Choose any character and go in to the coliseum. In the World Of Ruin, go to Narshe with Locke and Edgar included in your party. Try it out, and if it is not stronger go back and bet it. All the latest Final Fantasy 3 cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs, trainers and savegames for SNES. Final Fantasy 3/6 - Getting General Leo 100% LEGIT NO CODES (Original) WoR Access (ファイナルファンタジー6) - Duration: 10:46. Final Fantasy 3 Donut: This is a spoof hack, and from the screenshots, it does have it's moments. Do this repeatedly and you will eventually get a sword stronger than the Atma weapon. Answer "No". He will stay for the fight and entire Terra scene, then leave you when the team decides to head to Vector. Answer "Yes" to the question, then go down and press A when you get to the first door. If you do not have one then you will have to go through the cycle to obtain one. With Vicks and Wedge, kill them off yourself at the beginning of the game. After reaching the end, a Skull Statue will be found. Hint: Unlimited Magicite: Go to the Coliseum, then bet a Phoenix Down. Hint: Stronger Umaro: Note: A lot of money is required for this trick. Hint: Another Atma Weapon: It is possible to get another Atma Weapon during the final set of battles. If you win that battle, you will get a Rename Card. After sending the book, sleep in the inn one more time, then talk to the soldier. We never again get to battle with the rest of those Moogles anyway. You can also find him in the World of Ruin in the Cave in the Veldt. Damage Display and Actual Damage Don't Match Past Max. Then, kill his companions and have him end that battle himself. Sell all other hats you have. Hint: Unlimited Muscle Belts: Muscle Belts will double your maximum HP. You should have half the door over you. Go up to the statue of Celes and press A. When he reappears, but before he talks, have Relm sketch him. Go north again to arrive at a door. Get down (an easy way is to give MOG the Moogle Charm relic which prevents random battles) and leave the tower. The Marvel Shoes cast Safe, Haste, Shell, Float, and Regen on your character at the start of a battle. By using this method you can give Terra infinite moves to cast the most damaging spell in the game at only 1 MP. As Kefka has only 65,000 HP, by using the method above you can defeat him in a single "Fight" command. There will be a ghost floating around. Fight the ZoneEater and sketch it. Once getting the Airship and at least 3000 GP to spare, fly to Mobliz and read the letter from Lola to the soldier. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. Information in this section was contributed by Daniel. Assign the name "Leo" to Cyan when he appears in the game. Before you leave Narshe, go to the treasure house in the east of the city, by the house you woke up in after your magitek Armor was destroyed by the Esper. He will ask Terra to open the gate to the land of the Espers. Hint: Getting Ragnarok Sword and Esper: In order to get the Ragnarok Sword and the Esper, simply choose the Esper when the man in Narshe in the World Of Ruin asks you. Hint: Better items: In the caves of Narshe and Figaro (the one where Locke and Celes fight Tunnel Armor and connects Figaro Castle to Figaro Village), instead of grabbing the items in the chests when you first go through the area, come back later. Hint: Strago DC: Strago DC is the one of the most helpful people in the game. Then, gain at least one level for all the characters in your party. Hint: Getting Edgar's Bio Blaster and Noise Blaster in Figaro Castle cheaply: After talking to Edgar with Locke in the beginning, go to the room with the Chancellor. Hint: Boss battle strategy: When fighting any tough Bosses or dragons, cast "Vanish" followed by "Doom" while still invisible. Edgar is a good choice for this, but you can use whoever desired. Make sure he has Doom, and fight Behemoth. Bet the Tortoise Shield in the coliseum and win. Nutkin Suit for a Air Anchor. This will cast a permanent Reflect on them, bouncing away most magic attacks thrown at you. Retro game cheats for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES). She will strike eight times, doing 9,999 each time. I'll tell you the differences of both versions: NES VERSION -> DS VERSION 1. In the grassy areas on that island you encounter will groups of four TumbleWeeds. Equip the Genji Glove and Offering Relic, and then the two Atma weapons. Hint: Good experience area: To get some good experience, head to the top east continent. © 2021 SNESFUN Retro SNES / Super Nintendo / Super Famicom games online. The same thing can be done on the left side to find cheap items. Have Gau in your party and make sure he has learned Rhodox in the Veldt. Talk to him and select "Go to South Figaro". Check your inventory and the Exp. Repeat the process until Celes is at level 99. Hint: Mine cart ride in Vector: Choosing the correct lead character for the party in this game usually results in unexpected different outcomes with the events in this game. Hint: Unlimited Tintinabars: You must be in the World Of Ruin have the Ragnarock Esper. There will be a an old man that you should talk to. Climb to the very top, defeat the Magimaster and get the gem box. Fight and defeat Atma Weapon. Hint: Alternate Chainsaw: If you discarded or sold your Chainsaw, you can get another one. Hint: Defeating the Magi Master: Use the following trick to defeat the Magi Master at the top of Kefka's tower easily. If … Hint: Double experience with the Experience Egg: Trade a Tintabar at the Coliseum. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. Do not go into the cave. Most of time, only a potion will be obtained, but eventually a Genji Glove will be taken. Sabin will say "Looks like he wants to come with us", and the options "Sure" and "No Way" will appear. It is highly recommended, however, that you do not do this trick with Banon or General Leo. Hint: Getting Edgar's Chainsaw: Place Edgar in the party and enter the World Of Balance when looking for Terra in Zozo. Hint: Increase speed with Odin Magicite: After acquiring the Odin Magicite, instead of immediately transforming it into Raiden, keep it with you as is. Afterwards, open the menu and your character will be wounded. If you get Shadow back in the World Of Ruin, put him into your party and go to an inn. Go to the room at the top of the tower where you got the Gem Box. Select "Wait", then select "Wait for Shadow" a second time with five seconds left. Then, go to the hatless character’s equipment screen and select ‘Optimum’. Bet the Rename Card to get the Marvel Shoes. Repeat this process to collect as many Genji Gloves as needed. Talk to Shadow and he will join you. There is a stretch of mountains iin the eastern part . In the World of Balance, take Celes to the cave near Thasama. Press A where he was previously standing to get the Moogle Charm. Cure if needed, otherwise use Fire 3. If you are frivolous enough you can try to steal an additional Atma Weapon from the female target on the third tier of the Final Battle and equip it before fighting Kefka. Go near the Narshe, and search for five trees forming a plus sign like this: Land nearby and walk into the middle tree to find Sabin's old sensei (who he thought was dead). Hint: Random hat replacement:Un-equip the hat of the character you like the most. Pwr. In the future, new ebooks will be compiled and the existing ebooks will be expanded and further tweaked & will be uploaded here. Two-Dimensional = Three-Dimensional 3. Hint: Getting Mog's Water Dance: The only chance to get Mog's Water Dance is to get him before the world changes. Hint: Best spell: The best spell is Vanish and Doom. Jump down the hole and work through the cave. It is an instant kill, and you will get all the experience and gil. (function(g,b,d){var c=b.head||b.getElementsByTagName("head"),D="readyState",E="onreadystatechange",F="DOMContentLoaded",G="addEventListener",H=setTimeout;function f(){$LAB.script("").script("");}H(function(){if("item"in c){if(!c[0]){H(arguments.callee,25);return}c=c[0]}var a=b.createElement("script"),e=false;a.onload=a[E]=function(){if((a[D]&&a[D]!=="complete"&&a[D]!=="loaded")||e){return false}a.onload=a[E]=null;e=true;f()};a.src="";c.insertBefore(a,c.firstChild)},0);if(b[D]==null&&b[G]){b[D]="loading";b[G](F,d=function(){b.removeEventListener(F,d,false);b[D]="complete"},false)}})(this,document); Hint: Unlimited items: Go to the island were you fight The Zone Eater. For example, choosing from Sabin, Cyan, Shadow, and/or the Ghosts to sit at the dining car's meal table on the Phantom Train will result in different reactions. You then can note two other things about this intermission sequence. Note: This requires a very long time. Choose one of the empty slots and a list of all of the commands from the other characters you have will appear. You will see Mimic and three empty slots below it. The less characters that you have in your party, the more experience points that those characters will then receive from battles. Find an Economizer from the Brachiosaurs in the forest alongside the Crazy Guy's house. If you want to do massive damage, equip this Relic combined with the Genji Glove, for eight strikes per Fight command. Heroes and … Have Locke in your party with the Thief Glove relic equipped and can steal a Muscle Belt from it. Hint: Getting Shadow in the World of Ruin: When escaping the floating continent in the World of Balance, you have to go to the east side of the island. This allows you to get diagonal directions for the moves without making a mistake. Then continue without saving until you are able to fight the dinosaurs. Go to the place where the clock moves over when you wind it up. When you fight "lvl 90 Magics" they also have Reflect on them. Final Fantasy 3 Cheeseball Edition: This hack is a that enhances the text and makes it more interesting sort of like a spoof. With the level 99 Character with all of the strength and damage boosts, who can wield swords effectively, such as Celes, give her the Offering, Genji Glove, an Atma Weapon, and Excalibur. Do not revive him until during your fight with Dadaluma. It resembles an overgrown humans. Have Edgar use the Noise Blaster on Harpy to confuse it, making it vulnerable to any fatal attack. Hint: Cheap Saraphim Magicite: If you do not buy Saraphim in Tzen before the world changes, you can buy it afterwards from the same man for only 10 gil. The obvious choice would be Returners, but if you make him happy by selecting The Empire, as well as giving him answers that make him happy with all the other questions, you will get more prizes. D15C-78E5Start Terra With Man-Eater Equipped F65C-78E5Start Terra With Excalibur Equipped FC5C-78E5Start Terra With Illumina Equipped FA5C-78E5Start Terra With Atma Equipped 435C-78E5Start Terra With Tempest Equipped D35C-78E5Start … Egg’ will appear, then the Harpy will die. Cast Doom instantly; if not, you will have a tough battle and get killed. You will get between 5 to 9 MP per battle. Go to the rich man's house in south Fargo. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. Note: This will glitch the game to the point where it may not be able to be completed. He can be defeated after five to ten turns. There should be one chest. Glitch: Unusual items: Have Relm and Gau in your party and go to the Veldt. He will thank you for sending all the items in his name and give your character another Tintinabar. During a battle in the World Of Ruin, have Umaro in your party. Find Sabin, Edgar, and Setzer. Hint: Getting Edgar's Air Anchor: Go to the Kefka Tower in the World Of Ruins. EliteGamerCorp 83,517 views 10:46 Allow it engulf the entire party. Press A, then leave and go down one flight of stairs to the door which just was enabled beside the chest. Hint: Learning spells: Once the airship is obtained from Setzer,in the World Of Balance, go to a small triangular island and start a fight. Then, fly to Eboshi Rock (on the small island north of Thamasa where you get Strago and Relm). Hint: Coliseum items: You can get the following items in the World Of Ruin, at the Coliseum. If you catch the slower fish, you will kill him for those fish are ill, so when he eats them, he too will fall ill and die. Hint: Get a Thunder Rod early in the game: When you go through the caves with Terra the first time (after losing your Magi-Tek Armor while communicating with the Esper), there will be a chest with a Fenix Down in it. 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